Introductory Courses

Enroll in one of our introductory courses to find out if the IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is the place to help you pursue your passions!

The following courses are available this spring:

INFO Y100: Exploring Informatics and Computer Science (8 week): This course navigates the programs offered through SICE while exploring the career options associated with our degrees. Take this course to learn which of our programs best matches with your interests and skills.

INFO I101: Introduction to Informatics: An overview of informatics, this class can help determine if informatics aligns with a student's academic and career interests, and features guest presentations from experts in various areas of technology.

CSCI C200: Introduction to Computers and Programming: This course is an introduction, broadly, to algorithmic thinking and, specifically, to programming. It teaches the basics of programming using real world applications in natural, physical and social sciences. Students will develop ability to program by identifying problems in real world and then creating a program that solves the problem.

CSCI C211: Introduction to Computer Science: This course serves as an introduction to programming and to algorithmic design and analysis. It uses real-world applications in natural, physical, and social sciences to teach the basics of programming.

Do these courses sound appealing?

Take one this spring to start making your future with the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering! Learn more about our undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems Engineering.

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