Overseas Education

Summer 2018 Opportunities

Take a trip to Seoul, South Korea for 4 weeks.
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Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Opportunities

Spend a semester in Seoul, South Korea Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU).
Deadline April 18

Spend 10 days over winter break in India.
Application required and take I400: IT in Emerging Markets - India

Some reasons you should consider Seoul, Korea
  1. Study at SKKU for a semester, a great institution.
  2. Visit some technology companies in South Korea.
  3. See why its named one of the most wired cities.
  4. Visit the 133 Floor Digital Media City Landmark Building (2nd tallest building in the world).
  5. Meet some great friends and eat great food!

Students who are accepted into the Overseas Education program may be eligible for a scholarship. If you are considering Overseas Education, make an appointment with your SICE academic advisor to explore the possibilities and find a program that will fit your needs.

Other great locations students have traveled are:
  • Wollongong, Austrailia
  • Oxford-St. Anne's in England

Need an example? See what our SICE students did in Belize.

To find out more about our Overseas Studies opportunities, please go to IU Overseas Informatics, Computing, and Engineering or the IU Office of Overseas Studies.

To discuss SICE specific Overseas Education opportunities please contact Tiana Iruoje at tiwillia@indiana.edu , and visit the IU Overseas Financial Aid site for additional scholarship opportunities.