Art Librarianship Specialization in Master of Library Science

Artists continuously seek new forms of creativity and expression through media and technologies old and new. Art librarians, too, have a growing number of avenues for their work. You can connect people with the arts by working in visual arts user services, public library arts divisions, academic library humanities collection planning, art museum libraries, digital arts collections, and more.

Prepare for those careers with the Art Librarianship Specialization for the Master of Library Science. The specialization will appear on your transcript.

You can also pursue a dual M.L.S./M.A. in Art History.

Requirements (Minimum of 36 Credit Hours)

M.L.S. Requirements (15 cr.)

You must also complete the digital literacy requirement.

Specialization Requirements (12 cr.)

Specialization Electives (9 cr.)

Choose from information and library science courses. Talk to your specialization advisor for recommended electives.

Specialization Advisor

Sarah Carter
Assistant Librarian
Art, Architecture and Design Librarian

IU Resources and Professional Development

Degree requirements for: Fall 2017Spring 2015 / Pre-Fall 2013