Master of Information Science

Students who graduate from our accredited M.I.S. program come away with a better understanding of the intersections between information, technologies, and people. Our students understand how these components come together in information collection, use and knowledge creation, both within and beyond organizations. They understand the social, cultural, and organizational components that impact people’s uses of information and technology. Our program prepares students for a future designing, developing, and managing information technologies, and the resulting flows of data and information. Our graduates have found work in both non-profit and corporate environments. With the skills developed in our program, our students can help technical departments and managers, organizations and their publics accomplish their goals.

Our program can prepare you for this essential work. The M.I.S. program is accredited by the American Library Association, and in 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked our graduate programs in information and library science ninth nationally.

MIS Graduate student

Foundational Skills and Flexibility

The M.I.S. requirements ensure you learn the fundamentals of the field—from database design to information architecture, to organizational informatics—under the guidance of our accomplished faculty. From there, you can take your degree in practically any direction.

Choose electives that fit your goals, such as building your expertise in information architecture, front-end development, or information technology leadership. Learn systems analysis, programming, and IT project management. Intern for a potential employer. Use our specializations and dual degrees to explore complementary interests and increase your marketability.

The M.I.S. degree is a crucial step in launching your career in information enterprises. We can help you get there.