Health Care Information Technology

As Health Professions students you know that preparation is key in reaching your goals. You want an academic program that builds your cognitive abilities, developing skills in critical thinking and problem solving that are required for healthcare professionals. Science and medical science course work are an important part of your plan. Academic programs that provide several options are ideal. They serve as the basis for graduate work or employment, should you choose not to pursue a pre-professional or pre-health degree program.

Whether you’re preparing for a graduate-level health professions degree, pursuing a pre-health professions undergraduate degree, or looking for a new major that allows you to work in the healthcare industry, consider the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering to prepare you for your healthcare career – and much more.

  • You can pursue a healthcare career, an IT career or a combination of both in Healthcare IT. Your health-related coursework in the sciences combined with a technology bachelor’s degree makes you ideally suited for careers in Healthcare Information Technology.  
  • A technology education builds your critical thinking and problem solving skills. A Bachelor of Science in Informatics is interdisciplinary in nature and provides you a choice of an area of focus—called a cognate—with several options designed specifically for future healthcare professionals, including our medical sciences cognate and pre-health professions cognate.
  • Undergraduate students in Pre-nursing gain more options with Informatics! With the competitive nature of a nursing program, you want the assurance of a good backup plan just in case. Earn a bachelor’s in informatics using the coursework obtained in pre-nursing, as it can count directly toward a Pre-health or Medical Sciences cognate. And you can even choose to pursue a second bachelor’s in nursing.
  • Technology is a critical part of healthcare today. The more knowledge and skills you obtain, the more benefits you will gain whether you’re a doctor, nurse, dentist or other healthcare professional.
  • Considering changing your major? You have options, no matter how your plans evolve. The credits you’re accruing in your current major can count toward an Informatics degree/cognate designed for pre-health professions. Earn an Informatics bachelor’s degree and use the valuable coursework completed in pre-health or pre-professional programs, and still graduate on time. 
  • The IT healthcare job market is red hot, and some of the world’s largest healthcare companies recruit our students. Learn more » Flexibility within the Informatics major adds to your career options no matter how your plans evolve—whether you’re planning to work in Healthcare, Nursing, Healthcare IT or IT.
  • Explore Informatics and count the class toward a Natural Science (common ground) requirement: Sign up for I101: Introduction to Informatics
  • Learn about all Informatics Health Cognate optionsMedical SciencesPre-health ProfessionsHealth Systems Administration, and Public Health
  • Any of this sound interesting?  Consider a B.S. Informatics as your undergraduate educational platform. To learn more about our academic programs contact a School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering advisor.